K.V.M Public School
K.V.M Public School
Affiliated to CBSE
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General rules
  • No student shall be admitted to the school without the Transfer Certificate from the school last attended and duly counter-signed by the concerned education officer.
  • The Principal may demand parents to withdraw those children in case they do not fit in with the regulations of the school or are not capable of any improvement or if the parents themselves do not co-operate with the school.
  • Pupils are themselves responsible for their own books, fountain pens, cycles, tiffin carriers or any other articles they may bring to school.
  • The medium of our school is English, and as such every pupil is expected to speak English on the school campus. Everyone shall make a serious and determined effort to speak English both inside and outside the class.
  • Private tuitions are not encouraged. If however a parent desires to have personally and is ready to make arrangements, the concerned parent should meet the Principal instead.
  • Teachers are forbidden from engaging themselves in private tuition or arranging them on their own accord. They should get a written permission of the Principal for the same.
  • Absence on the opening and closing day of a term or after special holidays like Diwali, Holi, Christmas etc. will be punishable.